Why you should eat chocolate?

  1. All along, chocolates are known to many people as an aphrodisiac. Chocolates make people feel good. The reason behind this is due to one of the chemicals it contained, which is called Phenylethylamine. Phenylethylamine stimulates the brain’s pleasure centers and in one way or the other, helps the consumer to reach peak levels during orgasm.
  2. Lack of magnesium in a person’s diet may be the main cause of many diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and even pre-menstrual syndrome. So if you pique of having to go through those monthly pains, getting the healthier chocolate into your dietary system might help to reduce it.
  3. Chocolate is also a great source of antioxidant. As some of you might know, antioxidant is entirely good for skin’s health since it provides protection from free radicals; the main cause of aging and a string of other skin problems.
  4. Chocolate helps to promote serotonin, which is found in Prozac, an anti-depressant. Rather than having to get prescription for medicine as such (which will be hard to get because it involves legal matters anyway), is it not easier to just grab a bar of dark chocolate for comfort?
  5. It contains a whole lot of other nutrients such as essential traces of iron, calcium, potassium and a few types of vitamins (A,C,D,E and B1)
  6. Chocolate is one kind of comfort food. Mix a hot chocolate with some sugar and you will get a good source of energy, low dose of caffeine (same as in a decaf coffee) and calmness that can make you doze off much easily. Moreover, it is said that chocolate can cure fatigue due to a long day work and provides you with quality sleep.
  7. Not scientific research has any strong proof that chocolate is contributive to acne production. Acne production is more likely caused by unhealthy diet habits rather than chocolates. Therefore, there is no more worries for you to consume chocolate as you like.
  8. Chocolates (dark chocolates especially) helps in lowering blood pressure, the incidents of getting cancer and heart diseases.
  9. Fats in chocolates are not entirely bad – some more good news and the more reasons you can enjoy chocolate without worrying much. Chocolates contain three types of fats: 1/3 oleic acid (healthy monounsaturated fat similar to the one found in olive oil), 1/3 stearic acid (a type of saturated fat but has neutral effect on cholesterol) and another 1/3 palmitic acid (saturated fat that has effect on cholesterol). Therefore, meaning that only 1/3 of chocolate’s fats are entirely bad for you.
  10. Chocolate is also a symbol of love and persuasion. Are you having that fight with your love ones? Try giving him/her a gift of a whole box of delicious chocolates. Starts bonding with the goodness of chocolates!